We put together this handy guide to give you more insight into why checking account applications are declined, and some next steps you can take.

Letter uses a number of factors to assess your application. Applications are declined due to factors surrounding your identity, banking history, and credit history. While we do not pull a credit report or a Chex Systems report,  we do use a variety of identification factors based on information that can be found in both your credit reports and banking history reports. 

The following links are not owned or monitored by Letter, but you may find them useful as you navigate banking and credit history repair, especially if your identity has been compromised or you've experienced fraud: 

Information on banking history.

 Use the following link to request your free report from Lexis Nexis. Lexis Nexis was used as part of the determination that we cannot open an account for you at this time.


Information on checking account denials from the FDIC.


Information on credit history and free annual credit reports.