To send a wire, log in to your Letter account and tap on Move Money.

Enter the amount of money you wish to send. Select the account you wish to use, and select the recipient you are sending money to. If you have added the recipient previously, you will find them here. If you have not, you will see an add recipient button*. Tap on the move money button to continue. 

A confirmation modal will pop up with the details of your wire. If everything looks good, tap confirm transaction, and your wire will be sent.

Wires sent prior to 1pm EST will be processed the same day. Wires sent after 1pm EST will be processed the following business day between 1pm and 2pm EST.

Please always double check wire details prior to sending. Once a wire has gone out, it is not able to be reversed. 

*To add a recipient, tap on the add recipient button to add the details for the person you wish to send a wire.  This may be yourself, another person or a business. Choose wire in the drop down (you can choose between wire and ach). Tap on add recipient when you're done. This recipient is now ready to send a wire to.